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First class quality at reasonable prices

Natural products

Natural sun-dried products without preservatives and additives

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy solutions in post harvest management and food processing

About us

Africa natural products ltd is an agro food enterprise, our areas of expertise revolve around crop production of herbs ,food dehydration, processing of  herbal supplements, bulk drying of herbs, spices and post harvest technology development

Founded in the year 2009, we officially began our operations in the year 2012 since then we have endeavored to continue delivering quality products to our clientele in both local and overseas markets.

We currently serve a customer base comprising of stakeholders in the agricultural sector, humanitarian and relief agencies, wholesalers and retailers of whole food and herbal supplements.At Africa natural products we aspire to join the top tier of actors in the field of food processing and crop production, hence we continue to to diversify our product portfolio with the aim of tapping into the expansive potential of new and emerging lucrative food chains

Our vision
Our Mision
Core values
VISION: Redefining customer experience through innovation and environmental stewardship

MISSION: Sustainable production of high quality natural products for domestic and international markets.

CORE VALUES: Integrity, Innovation, Drive & Respect.

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