Our growing operation is strategically placed in Limuru , Situated in the Kenya Highlands. This region presents the ideal conditions for all year round cultivation of culinary herbs and salad greens.

Our herb varieties are grown hydroponically and sealed greenhouse environments under careful supervision of trained agronomists. Under our code of production we make use of simple segregation measures that promote traceability and reduce the influx of pest and disease for organic controls to thrive. 

On location we employ the use of present day techniques in globally recommended good agricultural practices in greenhouse farming.

Hydroponically grown herbs are packaged with their roots
attached. This packaging standard allows ours salad greens and herbs to continue thriving in their packaging ,maximizing on freshness without the need for expensive cold chain facilities .

In its first year of introduction in the Kenyan domestic market this innovative product has recorded impressive sales with customer satisfaction at an all time high.

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