Our facility

The design of our farm model accommodates our green house growing space, storage facilities as well as processing and packaging equipment at growing location.

On site we updated solar drying technology working with the principles of hot air fan powered dryers. Our drying systems are temperature regulated with a capacity of 2 tones per drying cycle.

Our hybrid tunnel dryers maximize on the principal of hot air drying expelling moisture from fresh herbs, spices ,fruits and vegetables at recommended rate without denaturing product .This guarantees the authenticity of our dried food stuffs.

Our weekly output of fresh herbs is 5 tonnes in favorable growing conditions. To supplement our farm output and diversify product offerings, we rely on
a network of certified out growers under a well tailored fair trade purchasing scheme.

Farm Processing site

Produce outsourced from out growers accounts for 50 percent of our raw material requirements.

From our collection point we are able receive and store bales of herbs , spices fruits and vegetables sourced from farming societies around our growing location.

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